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About My Self

Speaking of a medical school to me, really sounds different from speaking of Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCo). Frankly, the latter sounds more of both medical and non-medical training adventure than just a mere medical school.

Alright, I can prove this. Having been enrolled at KCMUCo as a transfer second year medical student from another medical school where I spent a year doing the biomedicals; refreshing my medical school foundation at KCMUCo could really seem stressful, challenging and boresome, and of course it did!

Am grateful to be a KCMUCo Alumni

Despite the fact that I transferred with some of my friends from my previous med-school, I had still left a good number of friends back there. In addition, being a sensitive friend picker and equally an introvert with proactivity in some things, transferring to KCMUCo would have horrified and complicated my med-school experience.

What It Was

Guess what? None of that was the case for a huge degree of my story in med-school. After arriving at KCMUCo, a number of good opportunities popped up and I could utilize most of them with the help and cooperation from my new friends here.

At this juncture, with a heavy heart I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to one of my best friends who passed away on 20th July 2020; Wambura Chacha, who was once my roommate and classmate at Minaki Boys Secondary School before we parted ways in 2016 after completing form six. Among many other things he did for me, this guy specifically, helped me to cope up with the transfer-in situation at KCMUCo. May his soul rest easy.

Apart from the explicit curriculum-based opportunities that I had utilized at KCMUCo, the best was our learning modality. This includes so much from; Well-designed lecture halls, helpful lecturers, online learning and examinations at large, field visits, researching to well facilitated clinical placement, training and assessments among many others, not to mention friends and colleagues who basically made discussions possible especially in settings of “so much to cover, but time is no more”.

On the other hand, non- curriculum-based opportunities were more or less available. This included everything from being appointed by the Students’ Organization Government (SOG)- President; by then Benno Lyakabogo, as a Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information, then promoted to be a Minister of the Ministry of Information from which position I resigned before the end of the leadership term.

Subsequently, I was appointed again as a Minister of the same Ministry of Information by the SOG-President; by then Munguatosha Ngowi, from which position I also resigned before the end of the leadership term. At this juncture, I would really like to thank them for the huge trust they had on me despite the fact that I was a new comer in the college, a fairly introvert as well as occupied with some other curriculum and extra-curriculum-based duties.

Never the less, I find it worth mentioning one of my best opportunities I ever utilized while pursuing my med-school training at KCMUCo, where by with the aid of my friends from out of and within the college, specifically Gideon Mallya among others from the college, I was able to raise and sustain my passion and enthusiasm in child aegis, that’s child protection, back up and support.

Highness Shao, is one of my friends who supported in my enthusiasm of child aegis

With so much we have been doing, my team and I have been able to start up and run a registered non-government organization, of which you can get to know more about and what we are doing by visiting our website at

Where Exactly  
All of the above-mentioned opportunities I have managed to employ at KCMUCo, were possible due to the conducive teaching and learning model which is well-established, sustained and of course optimally utilized by the college management and staff, to simplify and enhance a reasonable and friendly medical training to enhance and capacitate health education and health system in Tanzania.

An amazing place to be, to study and to grow, KCMUCo

This doesn’t really mean the model made med-school easy, rather it made it possible! It is to remind you the reader and everyone else that KCMUCo is the center of excellence in researching, teaching and providing health and non-health services to a general community. Thus, the one at KCMUCo, planning to join, or has just left KCMUCo, your dreams to be at the best place where your full potential could be unveiled is here!

At What Time

Conversely, knowing that despite a memorable nice experience that one may have at KCMUCo, it still remains a transition point or segment in life. Thus, an opportunity to be at KCMUCo should be worked on with prioritized objectives.

Obviously, whatever has brought you to KCMUCo should be at the top of your priorities, but this should never blur your insight at all the new opportunities that you may come across here, at whose function you will need for the rest of your life, and this is the only moment you may have to meet these opportunities.

Of course, we all don’t know whether or not we will still be present in the near future, and this should compel us to see that the moment we meet these opportunities is the only time we can start utilizing them.

Why It Should Be
Am saying this because, while others exit med-school with post-school preparedness, which includes: Getting connected to different people and systems out of school, investing in different business ideas using the “ Boom” money, gotten spouses for marriage, built some specific knowledge and abilities despite having a number of certificates of appreciation, participation and completion of certain minor courses to gather with the certificate of completing med-school among many other achievements, others seem to have only the same certificates as  the only achievement they are moving out of med-school with.

Post school preparedness helps to avoid frustration at the time of graduation

In my opinion, upon realizing that we face a system that will force us to be independent especially financially despite our poor preparedness for it, can be really frustrating. I guess many of us who exit from med-school unprepared for post school life are trapped in the frustration.

Again, this doesn’t mean to say that we should all do whatever everyone else does while in med school, rather it means to remind us on the importance of getting prepared, acknowledging and utilizing opportunities whenever they are available when we are still in med school especially at KCMUCo.

The opportunities may range from hundred percent volunteering to getting per day meal allowances. It’s okay to chip in whenever we can do that, knowing it may save as a stepping stone for the next levels of achievements and preparation for our post school preparedness.

 Again, I find it worth to mention it here that we have volunteering opportunities in our organization, and you can visit our website to learn more about the opportunities and check with us through for more information and/or secure an opportunity.

It Was Possible
This is only possible if we embrace the spirit and attitude of multitasking, hardworking, enthusiasm, curiosity, consistency and preparedness. Moreover, prioritizing is the best way to get the first things done so that we don’t mess up with whatever brought us to be in a medical school.

We all need supportive friends just to achieve our goals

At this point, I want to confess that it’s never that easy as it may be mentioned, and this explains why some people get out of med-school only certificates handed, of course they have an excuse, IT’S NOT EASY! Med-school will occupy you and may never let you “breath”, especially if you take it too seriously, which of course you should.

The good thing about spending the whole of your med-school time for only studying is you will finish it and be very competent in knowledge and practice. But frankly speaking, if you will multitask and follow your other passion and enthusiasm, you may jeopardize the quality of your competency, especially if being there for studying is key for your optimal knowledge and competency.

To Conclude

I want to really thank my MD 5 class of 2020/2021. It has been a good and really exciting moment studying with you guys, and I know we have been through ups and downs together and sometimes with different opinions at some instances in the course of our training, that’s okay in life.

Some of the things that will forever remain in my memory about my class are the moments that we came together and became one team to fight and solve whatever tried to harm or jeopardize our future or the future of one of us. We have been a really cooperative class not only to secure our future but also the future of others including vulnerable communities around us.

Special thanks to my amazing class representatives; Roman Sabas & Nesista Odero, Willium Nkenguye & Rumaiswa Ally and Simon Matajiri & Rebbeca, as well as my MD 5 group leaders Faustine Kimondo & Hunaina Ismail who by far supported me since I came in as a transfer student, when I served as a Minister of the Ministry of Information and for the rest of the time of my medical school training at KCMUCo.

 But also, I want to thank my transfer group who gave me an opportunity to be their group representative in clinical placements for about a year. Most importantly, I want also to thank my beloved CASFETA-KCMC leaders, headed by brothers: Jackson Naftari, George Mwasekaga, Joshua Alphonce and Elias Mwitulubani. You made my situation at KCMUCo both bearable and memorable.

Some of my MD5 group members just before our Surgical OSCE Exam

Lastly, I want to thank the general community of KCMUCo students, past and present, SOGs past and present, KCMUCo/KCMC Staff and the college management past and present. All together made my experience in med-school exciting.

Although am walking away to join my fellow KCMUCo Alumni, I will be happy to join again, work or cooperate with KCMUCo/KCMC community and the management in person or through our institution. I will be happy to be invited in KCMUCo and its communities’ events to participate in vast range of activities as far as I can. Thank you!

Dolli Enock                                            Email:

MD Finalist 2020/2021                 OR

Executive Director-DOENHAS CHILD AEGIS  Mobile: +255 654 73 32 94

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