“IN THE WORLD WE ARE LIVING”- By Harold Mashauri

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While copying with the speed of thousands of daily inventions towards the so called development and globalization, the world is no longer a safe place to live. Unrighteous becomes righteous before the hands of the planet and vice versa. The little light which was the hope of the minority is keep on fading and the minority keep on being the part of the majority.

Children who were mistreated by the society come to be parents who never care about the future of their children and make them live like there is completely no fairness on the surface of the earth. Morals are no longer morals and values of humanity have become the reason to disappear. Evil keeps on creating evil and the little good keep on fading. Immorality is keep on transformed from one form to another, and from one person to the whole society and finally generations to generations. Professionals are no longer for the wellbeing of the society but turned into personal gain industries.

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All of these are one among millions of perspectives on how people tend to view the world and its dynamics. While others see no difference, some judge it as it is heading towards the left direction while others are pointing towards right. Drawing the common line in such contradicting scenario carries the probability which rise another discussion on the fate of the Universe.

Whether the world is fair or unfair, good or bad, still we need to carry the hope of keep on making lemonade during the accumulation of lemons. Let us choose to be optimists rather than pessimists. At least we can appreciate the little efforts of those who produce the lights in times of darkness.

IN THE WORLD WE ARE LIVING is a poetry book which tries to display what is going on in our societies with a hope that one day the world will be a better place to live for everyone. It is appropriate, useful, entertaining, educative and inspirational to people of all ages, races, sexes, social status, education level and so on. It covers a range of topics including medicine, social life, politics, economic, science, academic, relationships and others.

The book is co-authored by Harold Mashauri, a medical student at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College in Kilimanjaro with Mercy Masanga, a geomatics student of University of University of Dar es Salaam. The authors dedicated the book to everyone who is dreaming the world to be a better place to live one day while doing something today. It is real a worth reading book.

“Better drinking some dirty water which is safe than clean water that is contaminated.”– Harold Mashauri.

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