University here we come!

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Every year, thousands of new high school graduates pack their bags, leave their lovely homes, move to new cities searching for a splendid new life in university. Fitting in is not a very easy task and especially in a new environment where your friends and family are miles away. You may meet people from your old school but they won’t reach your normal comfort zone.

Well! Well! Well! Lucky for you Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College got you covered with a party that will fill your void and break your comfort zone. I mean come on, who doesn’t like to party. You get to develop your talent and meet new people. So, come on, close your laptop, get up from wherever you are and put on your most amazing outfit and let’s go have a good time.

Fashion Show Depicting African Cultures

So let me tell you my fresher’s party in the year 2021. It was the BOMB! I remember it just like yesterday everything was well prepared from drinks, to the music and most importantly the decorations. It started with an opening prayer led by Dean of students to welcome everyone so our event would be in God’s hands. The timetable went smoothly from the introduction of the high table officials, to the fashion show and finally ending with the delicious food and closing prayer.

Guest of Honor Hon. Priscus Tarimo at the Entrepreneurs’ Exhibition, Together with the Dean of Students

I was mostly impressed by the opportunity given to the young entrepreneurs to showcase their products during the gathering. Furthermore, I was amazed by the fashion show which consisted of modern, traditional and night wear. The models looked great, their catwalk was on point and everybody liked it. Let us not forget the speech that was delivered by the former president (Munguatosha Ngowi) and the current president [Emmaculate Noela Gabriel] of the student government.

Speech by current TUMaSO President- Emmaculate N. Gabriel

In short, it was a BLAST! I mean the party was so good and was enthusiastic bringing a smile in people’s faces and let me tell you, everybody got out of there with a friend or two.. I am anxiously waiting for next year where things will be bigger and better.

Let’s not forget, “character is not created in isolation or repose, it’s forged through interaction with others and the world”- David Corbett

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